HTC (High Temperature Curing)

Ecoglo’s patented manufacturing process, known as High Temperature Curing (HTC) produces highly durable photoluminescent materials that are then incorporated in sustainable and fail safe emergency lighting and signage systems.

Ecoglo’s research and development has focused on developing products that have superior durability and predictable visibility.

Comprehensive testing and state of the art manufacturing processes ensure that Ecoglo systems continue working year after year.

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MASTERFORMAT Specifications

Ecoglo has produced MasterFormat Specification documents for the following products:

      Exit Signs
      Hybrid Exit Signs
      Emergency Visibility (primary system)
      Egress Path Markings (secondary system)
      Fire Protection Signs
      Disaster Preparedness Signs
      Anti-Slip Products

The specification documents list products required in photoluminescent systems to meet international building codes
including IFC/IBC and NFPA 101. (See CODE COMPLIANCE for IFC/IBC and NFPA 101 Compliance Guides.)

To request a Microsoft Word version of any of the above Specifications please email

Installation Instructions

Although Ecoglo installations are usually carried out by building contractors, almost anyone can get involved.
If the installer is unsure about any aspect of an installation then they should contact us.

Video below shows installation of Ecoglo F Series Step Nosing

Ecoglo Warranties

Ecoglo provides a comprehensive warranty for all exit signage and emergency visibily products.

HTC Products Non-HTC Products Hybrid PL Exit Sign