Never Get Left in the Dark, with Ecoglo

Ecoglo US is enhancing the safety of buildings throughout the United States, by providing innovative, reliable luminous egress pathmarking products.

As a global innovator of UL certified PL products, Ecoglo aims to create a safer environment, by providing highly-visible, long-lasting, and durable luminous egress pathmarking products. Our photoluminescent egress system products are not only UL certified but exceed both international building code and international fire code compliance. Our products are also section 1024 and section 1025 compliant.

Luminous egress pathmarkings are approved means of egress lighting by building codes in the United States. Ecoglo has proudly been creating a safer environment for all with our dependable egress products.

Years of consultative, industry expertise working with states, counties, facility owners, architects, engineers, and general contractors has allowed us to develop a best in class product, used world-wide.

As we continue to innovate our products, our end-goal remains the same, to create safer egress. By upgrading egress paths and infrastructure projects, Ecoglo products reduce the potential for trips, while enhancing the safety and speed of exit.

Our patented manufacturing process, exclusive only to Ecoglo, makes for a fast-charging, long-lasting high-performance PL product that is UV stable and highly durable.

From our patented manufacturing process to our environmentally conscious products and knowledge of international building code and international fire code, our expertise gives you peace of mind, knowing you’ve chosen the right egress safety product, with Ecoglo!

Photoluminescent exit markings
luminous egress path marking

Visibly Better PL Products

With traditional battery-powered or electric emergency lighting backup systems, you may experience partial or even total failure.

Ecoglo products are entirely fail-safe and will provide a bright glow for hours after the power has gone out. Additionally, when compared to other forms of egress lighting, Ecoglo products are more visible from a greater distance.

Unlike other forms of emergency lighting, Ecoglo’s self-luminous products can cut through smoke, increasing the PL product’s visibility in an emergency. Further, Ecoglo’s photoluminescent egress systems do not cast any shadows allowing for safer egress in all lighting conditions.

Ecoglo’s luminous egress pathmarking products glow brightly in the dark, for hours after the power has gone out, giving your patrons confidence when exiting during an emergency.

Self-Luminous Directional Signage

Ecoglo’s expertly engineered photoluminescent directional signage products enhance both the safety and speed of egress, in any lighting condition. When the power fails, Ecoglo’s UL certified exit signs glow brightly, for hours on end, directing your patrons to the nearest exit. Clearly marked with the location of or path to the nearest exit, our directional signage products safely guide patrons through your building, especially during an emergency.

After gaining a full charge from either a natural or artificial light source, our photoluminescent exit signs become a bright light, shining in the dark for roughly 100 hours.

Ecoglo emergency exit signs and photoluminescent directional signage products are manufactured to last. After 6000 hours of exposure, the loss of any photoluminescent properties is so minimal the human eye can not detect it.

Photoluminescent Non-Slip Stair Treads

With Ecoglo’s anti-slip stair nosing, you’ll never miss a step!

Regardless of the lighting, some steps are easily missed, leading to injury. Starkly contrasting the step, while providing a non-slip grip, each stair in a staircase can be clearly marked and made easily seen. Not to mention, once the power goes out, these self-luminous stair nosings will glow brightly, ensuring your patrons will never miss a step!

Ecoglo PL products have been rigorously tested, to meet the needs of both indoor and outdoor installations. The hard-wearing silicon carbide non-slip material used on our stair nosing products is sure to reduce slips and falls. For harsher winter climates, our products are salt-resistance and freeze-thaw resistant, extending the life of the product.

Thousands of people can walk on Ecoglo non-slip stair nosing with little to no signs of wear and tear. All Ecoglo’s products have undergone extensive testing at internationally accredited laboratories, relating to durability, weather resistance, UV resistance, stain resistance, abrasion resistance, and cleaning.

Ecoglo stair treads offer enhanced, all-weather slip-resistance by combining unique ridges in the photoluminescent strips with and an integrated anti-slip contrast.

The Ecoglo Advantage

Battery operated or electricity dependent egress products may experience partial or total failure and have limited operating time.

Ecoglo luminous egress pathmarking products, however, are entirely fail-safe, relying only on the charge of natural or artificial light. Our photoluminescent egress products give off a bright glow for over 100 hours after the power has gone out.

High mounted emergency lights can become extinguished by smoke during an emergency, as well as casting shadows or even providing insufficient light. Ecoglo luminous egress products outline the egress path, including steps and doors, and still shine brightly through smoke, and do not cast any shadows.

Ecoglo photoluminescent egress products require very little maintenance, only the occasional dusting, to perform at the product’s highest performance rates. Non-Ecoglo products may require installation by a certified electrician and an annual inspection, as well as regular replacement of bulbs, batteries or generators. Ecoglo luminous egress pathmarking products do not require this extensive, time-consuming maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly Egress Pathmarking

Every step you take towards building a green, ecologically friendly building counts towards helping our environment!

Unlike tritium exit signs, Ecoglo PL products are entirely non-toxic and non-radioactive. Within 35 years, most electric or battery-operated exit signs will need to be replaced up to 7 times, which are usually non-recyclable. Within this time frame, it’s unlikely Ecoglo’s products will need to be replaced.

The use of recycled aluminum in Ecoglo products allows for a greener product, that can be recycled at the end of the product’s life.

The #1 Choice in the US

Ecoglo US has installed thousands of our life-saving egress products all across the United States, most notably in buildings such as the Pentagon, Madison Square Garden, Time Warner Center and the Rose Bowl.

Your project could be next! Request a free quote today, to bring your building up to code, with a visibly better photoluminescent product.

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