The Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Montreal is an architectural gem with over 400 rooms and suites – not to mention excellent views of the gardens and city.

To make sure that the hotel’s exit signs will operate in any blackout the Bonaventure has installed Ecoglo’s revolutionary hybrid PL exit signs which combine state of the art LED technology with Ecoglo’s patented photoluminescent technology. No more battery failures or generators failing to start, not to mention big savings in facility operating costs!

Ecoglo’s technology essentially replaces the battery or generator with a photonic storage device – the Ecoglo photoluminescent panel. The Ecoglo hybrid PL exit signs use the panel to store the photonic energy from the built in LED’s (which are powered from mains electricity).

If the electricity fails in an emergency the stored energy in the Ecoglo panel is used to produce visible light.

This means no more battery failures and no need to find someone else’s backyard to dump the old batteries in.

Cost effective, failsafe, sustainable!

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